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- Louise Bourgeois

deconstruction workshops_during clothing refashioning
garment design_grey tailored suit_textiles

Working with adults experiencing mental health difficulties, I created a series of weekly workshops exploring the relationship of cloth and emotional wellness.

By deconstructing a conventional male suit and business shirt, each participant was taught basic sewing and draping skills and guided in reconstructing them into sculptures and wearable art. Restricted to using materials found in the original garments the process provided a tangible insight into the significant transformation and change one can achieve by reconfiguring and rearranging the stories we wear each day. Each workshop culminated in an exhibition and public showcase of the participants’ work.

Deconstruction workshop_clothing refashioning_sustainable style
deconstruction workshop_clothing refashioning sustainable style
clothing deconstruction layers
clothing deconstruction process
clothing deconstruction workshop
deconstruction workshops_during refashioning
deconstruction workshops_mental health refashioning
Deconstruction workshop_clothing refashioning_sustainable style
deconstruction workshop_refashioning garment design
clothing deconstruction workshop
mental health deconstruction exhibition
clothing deconstruction workshop
Deconstruction Workshop_sewing refashioning_blue thread
Deconstruction workshop_refashioning_clothing exhibition